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Global InstallationSuggest an edit

Before setting up the editor plugins, you need to install the global binaries needed by them.

Platform Install command
OSX npm install -g https://github.com/reasonml/reason-cli/archive/beta-v-1.13.6-bin-darwin.tar.gz
Linux npm install -g https://github.com/reasonml/reason-cli/archive/beta-v-1.13.6-bin-linux.tar.gz

reason-cli currently doesn't work on Windows, but it's not a hard requirement for using Reason; you still have great CLI build system diagnosis messages through BuckleScript, whose npm global package bs-platform does work on Windows.

(Alternative) Through OPAM

OPAM is the native package manager for OCaml. If you come from OCaml and don't have npm/yarn, you can optionally install this way, but be careful!

Make sure you're on OCaml 4.02.3.

opam update
opam install reason.1.13.6
opam install merlin.2.5.4


If your editor isn't behaving as expected with the above install, do the following:

which ocamlmerlin refmt ocamlmerlin-reason

It should spit out three paths that contain the word reason-cli.

ocamlmerlin -version

It should say "The Merlin toolkit version 2.5.x, for Ocaml 4.02.3". Not OCaml 4.03, not 4.04, etc.