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Editors PluginsSuggest an edit

Make sure you've installed reason-cli from the previous section.

Reason's nature lends itself to great editor support. Most of our editor plugins provides at minimum:

  • Types display.
  • Programmatic code formatting through refmt.
  • Errors & warnings display.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Type-driven autocomplete.
  • Jump to definition.

And other features. See, for example, our VSCode plugin's feature section!

Officially Supported Editors

  • VSCode: recommended.
  • Atom

    • Please install the related packages with apm install language-reason linter linter-refmt reason-refmt.
    • Alternatively, if you use Nuclide, Reason support comes by default.
    • True to the spirit of JavaScript, here's yet another Atom Reason plugin! Actually, this one's the prospective de-facto Atom Reason plugin. If you feel adventurous, please dog food it!
  • Vim
  • Emacs
  • Sublime Text
  • IDEA

The GitHub reasonml-editor community hosts most of these plugins. If you'd like to add your favorite editor's plugin here, send us a pull request!