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New website!

July 14, 2017

Notice anything different? =)

The new documentation website is built by our community member Jared (make sure to check his Reason blog posts too!). The new site keeps most of the same content from the old one, while providing a better structure to navigate through them. You'll notice "Suggest an edit" links all over the place. Take a look around!

(Built with Gatsby)

New ReasonReact version released

June 12, 2017

Very exciting release! Short version: ReasonReact now has its own documentation site here. Accompanying this is the new BuckleScript release. Both are non-breaking.


Spring Cleaning (First Blog Post!)

May 18, 2017

Now that the community is taking off, keeping folks up-to-date through Discord and other existing channels became less ideal. We're starting a blog post section for this reason. In the spirit of the community, these posts will stay short and concise.

We've moved unused first-party projects from GitHub/reasonml to GitHub/reasonml-old. Old URLs are redirected, so no breackage here.

We've cleaned up the Reason codebase. Editor integrations moved out to their dedicated repos. Updated instructions are still here. Other Reason repo cleanups are still ongoing.

Some discord rooms got merged together. Fewer rooms, more focused discussions.

As you can see: this documentation site got a few rearrangements too. In general, if you'd like to contribute to docs, please ping us on Discord!