Module Obj

module Obj: sig .. end
Operations on internal representations of values.

Not for the casual user.

type t;
let repr: 'a => t;
let obj: t => 'a;
let magic: 'a => 'b;
let is_block: t => bool;
let is_int: t => bool;
let tag: t => int;
let set_tag: (t, int) => unit;
let size: t => int;
let field: (t, int) => t;
let set_field: (t, int, t) => unit;
let double_field: (t, int) => float;
let set_double_field: (t, int, float) => unit;
let new_block: (int, int) => t;
let dup: t => t;
let truncate: (t, int) => unit;
let add_offset: (t, Int32.t) => t;
let first_non_constant_constructor_tag: int;
let last_non_constant_constructor_tag: int;
let lazy_tag: int;
let closure_tag: int;
let object_tag: int;
let infix_tag: int;
let forward_tag: int;
let no_scan_tag: int;
let abstract_tag: int;
let string_tag: int;
let double_tag: int;
let double_array_tag: int;
let custom_tag: int;
let final_tag: int;
let int_tag: int;
let out_of_heap_tag: int;
let unaligned_tag: int;
let extension_name: 'a => string;
let extension_id: 'a => int;
let extension_slot: 'a => t;

The following two functions are deprecated. Use module Marshal instead.
let marshal: t => bytes;
let unmarshal: (bytes, int) => (t, int);