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Standard Library

Below is the API for the OCaml standard library. It's directly copied over from the OCaml Manual, formatted to the Reason syntax and styled accordingly. The API docs are work-in-progress; we'll be polishing these gradually!

If you're targeting JavaScript, the API docs for BuckleScript includes all of below, plus JS-specific APIs.

Module Ast_helper

module Ast_helper: sig .. end
Helpers to produce Parsetree fragments

type lid = Asttypes.loc(Longident.t);
type str = Asttypes.loc(string);
type loc = Location.t;
type attrs = list(Parsetree.attribute);

Default locations

let default_loc: Pervasives.ref(loc);
Default value for all optional location arguments.
let with_default_loc: (loc, unit => 'a) => 'a;
Set the default_loc within the scope of the execution of the provided function.

Core language

module Typ: sig .. end
Type expressions
module Pat: sig .. end
module Exp: sig .. end
module Val: sig .. end
Value declarations
module Type: sig .. end
Type declarations
module Te: sig .. end
Type extensions

Module language

module Mty: sig .. end
Module type expressions
module Mod: sig .. end
Module expressions
module Sig: sig .. end
Signature items
module Str: sig .. end
Structure items
module Md: sig .. end
Module declarations
module Mtd: sig .. end
Module type declarations
module Mb: sig .. end
Module bindings
module Opn: sig .. end
module Incl: sig .. end

Value bindings
module Vb: sig .. end

Class language

module Cty: sig .. end
Class type expressions
module Ctf: sig .. end
Class type fields
module Cl: sig .. end
Class expressions
module Cf: sig .. end
Class fields
module Ci: sig .. end
module Csig: sig .. end
Class signatures
module Cstr: sig .. end
Class structures