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Reason is a new syntax and toolchain for OCaml, a powerful language that will give you type-safe, maintainable code that transforms into performant, readable JavaScript.

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Types without hassle

Powerful type inference means you rarely have to annotate types, but everything gets checked for you.
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Online playground

Play with Reason in-browser, take a look at the produced OCaml and JavaScript, and try out code samples.
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Easy JavaScript interop

Use packages from npm with minimum hassle, or drop in a snippet of raw JavaScript while you're learning
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Flexible & Fun

Make websites, animations, games, servers, cli tools, and more! Take a look at these examples to get inspired.
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JavaScript quickstart

npm install -g bs-platform
bsb -init my-first-app -theme basic-reason

And then run it as usual:

cd my-first-app
npm run build

You can also build in watch mode:

npm run watch

This will compile Reason to Javascript in the lib/js/ folder

Alternatively, to start a ReasonReact app, try bsb -init my-react-app -theme react. More info on bsb & bsconfig here. BuckleScript has first-class support for Reason, which is why you don't see any extra "reason" installation.


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